Jason at First Coast Auto Detailing is the absolute BEST auto detailer who has ever taken care of my cars. I have dealt with a number of car detailers in the area & none of them come close to doing the job that Jason does!!!!! I own a 2014 Corvette & 2004 Ford Focus. He works as hard & precisely on both of them not just the Corvette. If you were to observe him working on cars you would swear that they were his own vehicles & not someone else's. He takes his time!!!!, goes step by step & reviews his work after he has completed the car. He is easy to get a hold of & promptly schedules you for an appointment (either at your location or at his home). His prices are reasonable & is available to do whatever you need in a timely manner. Jason is pleasant / friendly & very easy to deal with. He cares about the job he does, is very knowledgeable, uses top quality materials & leaves my vehicles 'looking like new'. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jason / First Coast Auto Detailing for all your car detailing needs.

Bob D

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

First Coast Auto Detailing turned my 2006 Infinity into a brand new looking car again. They use only the top of the line products and are very knowledgable about auto detailing solutions for every aspect of the vehicle. The customer service and attention to detail is second to none on the First Coast. I enjoy driving my car around town again and pleased to get so many passing looks at how amazing it looks for being a 2006 model. Thank You First Coast for an awesome job !! I highly recommend them to anyone !!!

Chris H

Infiniry M35

First Coast Auto Detailing recently performed some detailing services on my wife's SUV. It was so clean and smelt so good that she did not want to take it out of the garage. We have small children and the removal of the stains in the carpet was amazing. It was showroom ready and it is a 9 year old vehicle. I would highly recommend First Coast Auto Detailing for all of your vehicle detailing needs!!

Christopher H

GMC envoy

First Coast Auto Detailing took my 1999 Toyota 4Runner that has been driven hard with dogs and kids abusing the leather and carpet inside and the salt air and elements abusing the paint outside and made it look AMAZING! Jason detailed it right and fast the 1st time and a price that was better than other detailers that did not do near the same quality job! I will ONLY use First Coast Auto Detailing!

Michael S

Toyota 4runner

Exemplary service! First Coast Auto Detailing is the only service I will be using to get my car detailed. Had my 2011 Dodge Challenger detailed and it looks better than it did out of the car lot. Not only is First Coast Auto Detailing incredibly knowledgeable, but it is also invested in the work that they do. My car was detailed with great care and the results far exceeded my expectations

Alfrado K

Dodge Challenger

Mr. Johnson and First Coast Auto Detailing fully detailed the exterior and interior of our vehicles and left them in showroom perfection! He was professional, showed up on time as promised, and paid meticulous attention to every "detail" with pride. I will proudly use him again with confidence.

Felix M

Porsche 911 Carrera S / BMW X5

Jason routinely details my 2013 BMW 328 hard top convertible, each time it looks brand new! he also detailed our 2013 'Acura RDX. the car looked better than when I purchased it! It was so clean I hated to drive it and get it dirty.! He was on time for the appointment and very professional. The local car dealerships need to see what a beautiful job he does.!! You won't be disappointed!

Kathy J

Acura RDX / BMW 328i Convertible

Jason is a very good and reasonably priced detail professional. He is pleasant, uses top notch equipment and supplies, and takes the time to do a great job. I have used him to detail show cars and luxury cars. He is timely, does a great job and I would highly recommend him if you need any type or level of detail done. If you drop $60 and try him out you will never use anyone else. Give him a try, you will be impressed.

Andy M

Pontiac GTO / Pontiac Firebird Forumla 400 / Mercedes Benz E350

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